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New Guides is an Administrative moderation option that allows admins to review a user-contributed guide once it is published. This feature is only available for sites with public editing activated. When someone, even an admin, switches a guide to be public facing on a user-contributed guide, it goes to the New Guides page. From here, an admin must accept it before the author is awarded Reputation. Admins can choose to accept the publish and give the author the earned reputation, or deny the publish and leave the guide unpublished.

Accepting/Denying a Proposed Guide

To access the New Guides page, go to the Moderation page of the Management Console, and click on "New Guides." On this page, you will see a list of every user-contributed guide that has not yet been reviewed. Click on any of the links to view the guide. After reviewing the guide, you have two options:

  1. Accept - Leave the guide published and award the author 100 reputation points
  2. Deny - Unpublish the guide, sending it back to the author for further edits

Why Should I Accept or Deny a Guide?

Typically, you want to accept any guide that is complete enough to make it a valuable resource on your site. It may be tempting to deny a guide that is not absolutely complete, but keep in mind that once it is published, other members of the community are able to edit and improve it.

On the other hand, denying a guide does no harm to its author. It just lets them know that the guide needs some more work before it is published. This can be very well coupled with flagging a guide to let the author know exactly what you would like to see changed.

If a guide publish has been accepted once, the author is awarded 100 reputation points and the guide will never again show up in New Guides, even if it is unpublished and republished.

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